Yours, Roxanne

Yours, Roxanne is the work of Los Angeles based illustrator and designer Roxanne Daner. We’re totally loving her quirky illustration style and want all of her works on our walls! Take a look at some of our favorite pieces by Roxanne, and be sure to check out her other works on her website!


Woody Harrington

Aren’t these fun designs by Woody Harrington great? We love his vintage style and his use of typography and color. Take a look at some of our favorites! Oh and be sure to check out the cool video at the bottom!


Hats are a classic, debonair way for a man to protect himself from the sun.  A smart-dressed man reaches for a hat on the way out the door as the simple, functional way to complete a look.  Many men say, “I’m not a ‘hat person’.”  This is false.  ‘Hat people’ are merely the people brave enough to wear them.   The key to looking your best in a hat (as with most clothing) is to focus on fit.  Tight-fitting hats shrink the head and can add the illusion of weight; loose-fitting hats can lend the wearer an unfortunate, Oliver Twist appearance.  Also remember that light colors are the only way to go in these warm summer months.  Browse some simple, straw fedoras from Banana Republic, and take cues from the following photos to inspire your own look.

Sean Connery: keeping it classy.

Summer formal

Nick Wooster, owning the straw fedora and the blazer/shorts combo we highlighted 2 weeks ago here.

Straw hat staying on trend with the season’s bright colors. Dapper and Daring.

Another formal look for summer.

Your author, taking a casual approach to the straw fedora at the beach.


Julie Massy

We are really digging illustrations by Julie Massy today. Being an illustrator, Massy creates sharp and intricate line work within her pieces. Her faintly colored illustrations have similar qualities to photogravures, with the extra grain, tainted backgrounds, and washy shades of black. Massy’s work is focused on portraits that  carry graceful, audacious, and whimsy moods. Below are some of our favorite compositions done by Massy. Make sure you check out her website to see more of her work.

Diana Behl

Diana Behl is a mixed media collage artist who resides and teaches in South Dakota. Her work reflects and showcases personal experience through memories, metaphors, and narratives. These themes are illustrated through her combination of delicate lines and blots of saturated colors. Although her work is solely two dimensional, she constructs layers of believable facades of depth and dimension in all of her works. Behl carefully titles her series and pieces, which are just as intriguing and poetic as her artwork. Have the experience of viewing Behl’s figurative prints and stay up to date on her exhibitions by visiting her website here.



Franz West

Just a few days ago, the artist, Franz West, passed away. So today, we will take a glimpse and celebrate the range of work he created in his 65 years of life. While West worked in both two and three dimensions, he is primarily recognized for his work as a sculptor. He successfully established a personal characteristic to his prodigious plaster sculptures. Their rumpled appearance provide a delightfully textural viewing experience. West creates warped, abstracted and figurative forms that rise above and compliment the enthralling surface details. His work is displayed in museums around the world, so the opportunity to see his brilliant work is still available.

Here are some of our favorite works by West

Jason Brinkerhoff

We seem to be attracted to and inspired by the primitive and abstracted art lately, and we’ve got another to share. Jason Brinkerhoff is a two-dimensional mixed media artist. His use of unconventional  color combinations is what initially magnetized us to his work. Brinkerhoff fearlessly applies color in a seemingly frantic gesture. His jagged, geometric forms are comparable to the early classics of cubism. Unconfined and scribbled lines grace his figures and create lively energy throughout his work.

To see more of Brinkerhoff’s explorations, visit his blog here

Howard Tangye

Howard Tangye, Austrian-born fashion designer and illustrator has really caught our eyes.  His fashion illustrations provide an interesting and unusual perspective amongst other illustrators. The contorted lines and twisted perspectives of the figures make Tangye’s work reminiscent of Egon Schiele, but with a larger emphasis on fashion.  Despite the extremely thoughtful placement of color, Tangye’s ranging lines and colors seems very intuitive to him.  Tangye’s use of  flowing gestural outlines with sparingly pops of color create dynamic positive and negative forms. His figures convey believable and connecting emotion through their facial expressions and body language, deriving full attention from the viewers.

Be sure to visit his website here to view more of his work.



Good shorts can be hard to find.  This fact led the guys at Chubbies to create their own line.  This entrepreneurial bunch embarked on a mission to design shorts that were comfortable, radical, and just a little shorter than normal.

Chubbies are manufactured in the San Francisco Bay area from locally sourced materials and finished with a rock wash to give them a super-soft, worn feel.  Now, these shorts may be comfortable, but they are definitely not for the faint of heart.  Chubbies style is funky, fresh, and irreverent.  Their Remember the 80’s line features ridiculously bright colors and names such as: “The Journeys”, “The Def Leps“, and  “The Hoffs”.


Adjusting to the colors may be an easy step for some, but adjusting to the length might prove difficult.  Chubbies pull inspiration for their inseams from the shorts of the 60s, 70s, and 80s.  Guys may not be accustomed to showing so much leg, but this is where the industry is headed.  Baggy, cargo shorts (thankfully) will not be seen in modern menswear for a while.

Check out the Chubbies site here.  Be brave, order a pair, and don’t expect their shorts to come anywhere near your knees.

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