Corrie Bond

While searching for some inspiration for future photo shoots, I discovered fashion photographer, Corrie Bond. This UK-based photographer is widely known for her work for Marie Claire, In-Style and New York Times. Her work has an admirable feminine quality, and consistently conveys timeless beauty. Bond strategically manipulates natural light and dewy shadows to delicately graze her subject matter. Through her compositions and editing style, Bond’s photographs whisper a soft, vintage feeling. Her editorials are light, breathtaking and a visual treat. Take a peak at her stunning work below and visit her website to see more work.


7 by corrie bond-stylist kate harrowsmith for marie claire

3 by corrie bond-stylist kate harrowsmith for marie claire




11 by corrie bond-stylist kate harrowsmith for marie claire



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Woody Harrington

Aren’t these fun designs by Woody Harrington great? We love his vintage style and his use of typography and color. Take a look at some of our favorites! Oh and be sure to check out the cool video at the bottom!

BHLDN décor

The geniuses at URBN INC have expanded their empire. If you’re a fan of Free People, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters or Terrain, I think you’ll be pretty happy with their newest addition, BHLDN.

BHLDN features heirloom and vintage wedding pieces. Among their collection are gowns, shoes, accessories, gifts and décor. For those of you planning a vintage dream wedding, this is the place to go. And even if you’re not planning a wedding, you could still spend a good bit of time just drooling over it all.

Today we’re featuring BHLDN’s décor collection. We’d argue that all of these beautiful pieces don’t have to be just for a wedding, though a wedding is probably the best excuse to drop the cash (unless you’ve just always wanted a $488 dollar cascade chandelier).

You can check out all the glory for yourself here.


Love Made Me Do It: Vintage Kitchen

Welcome to the fantastically eclectic kitchen of this thrift store-loving blogger, Love Made Me Do It. We absolutely love the one-of-a-kind furniture and vintage touch, which clearly took a lot of digging at thrift stores and flea markets.  Amazing how a collection of kitchenware and furniture can come from so many different places and yet look so perfect together, huh?

We really could go on and on about how lovely this space is. The natural light, the cozy feel, the colors. Reds, blues and yellows always have a way of winning us over.

We would gladly spend some time here, if that much wasn’t clear already.

Vinegar Hill Production House

We have been blown away from Vinegar Hill. Vinegar Hill is David Altrogge, Ian Murphy, Michael Hartnett, Jennifer Thompson, and Shepherd Ahlers.  The combined efforts of this team have created video work that is not only beautiful, but heartwarming.  They have a love for people that is evident in their narrative work, but also in their commercial work.   But back to what I was saying about their work being beautiful: it is spectacular.  They film in a way that makes everything in life seem the best is could possibly be.

If you don’t quite get what I mean, you should watch this commercial for Classic Landscaping, Inc. 

And, after you do that, you should head over to Vinegar Hill’s website and Vimeo channel.

You should also enjoy their demo reel.

Vintage Pyrex

If we had lots of spare money and cabinet space, we’d start a collection of vintage Pyrex dishes. They’re practical, whimsical, durable and timeless. And there seems to be and endless array of collections: butter dishes, cassesrole dishes, mixing bowls, tea cups, salad plates, saucers, gravy boats, etc. Literally everything your vintage little kitchen would ever dream of.   There’s tons of these for sale on Etsy and probably a few gems hiding in your local antique shops. Don’t feel bad dropping a few bucks on these–they’ll last you longer than your plasticware, and they’re far too lovely to pass up.

Mammoth Film + Motion

Happy Monday!  Today we want to talk about the work of Mammoth Film + Motion.  We totally love their vintage tones and beautiful use of focus.  Short depth of field (if we’re going to get technical).  Basically, they’re making pretty video things (if we’re not going to be technical). Mammoth is based out of Kansas City, MO.  They are particularly talented when it comes to film and video production, post production, motion graphics, animation, design, and travel photography.

You guessed it.  They are those kind of people.  The ones who are good at everything.  But what more could you want from someone who is making a video for you?  It’s one-stop awesome shop.  Check out their work at their website.

MAMMOTH REEL 2011 from MAMMOTH on Vimeo.

Cavalier Essentials

Cavalier Essentials is a line of vintage and vintage-inspired products, for “The rugged yet sophisticated gentleman.” Designed by Taylor Pemberton, these products are  a combination of rugged, old-world, yet high-class charm. Swoon. From the artwork to the photographs, the whole concept behind Cavalier Essentials is amazing. Take a look at this video featuring the newest Inaugural Collection, and be sure to check out the website which includes The Online Flea, a collection of wonderful vintage finds.

Charlotte Tolhurst

Happy Thursday!  Today we want to feature the work of another amazing food photographer: Charlotte Tolhurst.  Charlotte is from North London. Charlotte’s passion for food began 5 years ago when she was living in Australia.  Now, it’s somewhat consumed her (in the best way possible, and pun intended).

Also, Charlotte started doing recipe videos which are nearly as beautiful as her photography.  You may have seen some of her work before as she’s shot for major companies such as Coca Cola, Kenwood, Field & Flower, and many more.  So, what we’re saying is that she’s pretty legitimate and fabulously talented.  Enjoy her work here.




Macadamia Biscotti from Charlotte Tolhurst on Vimeo.

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