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While you might have noticed things have ended here, two of our writers (Paige Westberg + Katharine Lucas) are starting on a new venture! If you liked Florence and Millie be sure to head over to Wednesday Amelia to see what they’re up to (hint hint: they’ll be blogging and running a little shop of curated goods).


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Florence and Millie


A Very Etsy New Year

Hello, friends!  We’re so excited that Christmas is only days away!  And with the Christmas shopping done (hopefully) it’s time to think about that New Year’s Eve party you’ve been wanting to have.  That one where you’re wearing a fabulous little black dress (er, sorry guys), have adorable gold decorations and are enjoying time with the people you love most! You’re in luck. We did that hunting for you and we found some wonderful things on Etsy to bring in the New Year right.

Enjoy the fruits of our New Year’s Etsy hunting:



(From Left to Right; Top to Bottom): 1. Note Card Set from Wit & Whistle 2. 80’s Beaded Sweater Dress from Rust Belt Threads 3. Gold Glitter Garland from Trudy Garland 4. Black and Glitter Salad Bowl from Wind and Willow 5. Gold Post Earrings from Juliana W Jewelry 6. New Year Drink Stirrers from Heath Original 7. 60’s Eyelet Dress from Rust Belt Threads 8. Cheers New Year card from Pumpkin and Honey Bunny 


Woody Harrington

Aren’t these fun designs by Woody Harrington great? We love his vintage style and his use of typography and color. Take a look at some of our favorites! Oh and be sure to check out the cool video at the bottom!

Eight Baby Legs

We couldn’t resist these adorable children’s clothes by Eight Baby Legs.  Made by Amanda Burton, these clothes will be sure to make your tot the most stylish baby on the block. Enjoy!

DIY Face Masks by Huda Beauty

Written by makeup artist Huda Kattan, Huda Beauty is a lifestyle blog that teaches women how to embrace their natural loveliness. Along with tutorials and product reviews Kuttan posts do-it-yourself remedies for skin, hair, and whole body wellness. In a quest to find DIY beauty solutions we decided to try three of her face mask recipes. Using household kitchen essentials, these masks are extremely simple and refreshing.

Acne Miracle Mask – Ground Nutmeg, Milk, Honey

Pore Busting Face Mask – Tomato, Lemon Juice, Honey

Soothing Cucumber Face Mask – Cucumber, Honey


P.S. Take the time to blend the cucumber, it will result is a smoother and creamier mask! Enjoy!

Imagination Photography

Today I am very excited to share with you the work of my dear friends Janie and John Yoder of  Imagination Photography. Based out of Goshen, Indiana, this couple make it their mission to capture true love through creatively beautiful photographs. Although they do engagement and senior shoots, their focus is on taking exceptional wedding photos. With a style that is uniquely their own you can’t help but see why people are drawn to working with them. Their work is not only a reflection of genuine talent but also the love that these two have for each other.

Make sure you visit their blog to see their latest projects and enjoy!

Relaunch Party

Today is the big day, folks!  We’ve got everything in place for the party and we couldn’t be more excited. If any of you are in Savannah, we would love to see you at the party!  You can find all the information on the handy dandy little side bar to your right.

We would also love for you to follow us on Facebook! We’ll be posting pictures from the party (both from our photobooth and shots around the event).  Also, we’ll be posting pictures to the Florence & Millie Twitter account. Please, stay tuned and make sure to tell your friends!

Joetta Maue

Today we are featuring the amazing work of Joetta Maue. She is a fiber artist and photographer who turns to her daily life as a source of inspiration. Through her work Maue celebrates her femininity with a honest beauty of everyday images. Although all her work is outstanding, we are loving her embroidery and applique portraits.

Visit her website here to see the more of her beautiful work and don’t forget to check out her blog to learn more about her work.

Heather Sielaff & OLO Fragrance [And giveaway]

Most don’t consider the complexities and subtle nuances of creating a scent. The interplay of bergamot, vanilla, jasmine, patchouli, and wood is a delicate balance called “Lightning Paw.” Enter the nose of this creation: Heather Sielaff.

Sielaff became involved in the fragrance business as a means to escape the physical rigors of her other job.

“I started making perfume as a hobby because I assumed there was no way to tie it into my work,” Sielaff explains. “My training is in different forms of bodywork, things like neuromuscular therapy and Gyrotonic. Making perfume was a way to be alone, to do something that didn’t involve straining my body.”

This side hobby turned into an actual business when friends began suggesting she should start selling her creations. In 2009, she launched her product at Nationale, a Portland gallery and specialty shop. One-by-one, Sielaff designs, distributes, packs, and ships each of her fragrances.

Sielaff contends there is immense emotion tied to the power of scent.

“We don’t really grow up discussing smells. Things smell good or bad. But smells bring up so many emotions for each of us. I like the idea of introducing that concept to people, to open them up to the idea that smell is so much more than just good or bad.”

As she continues to produce each vial one-by-one, she’s perfectly content with the size of her business as it is. Starting with a $200 investment, her attention to detail has paid off, selling in online stores and numerous shops across the country.She harkens to the memories tied people and different experiences, in the same way one can remember specific memories tied to the smell of someone’s home.  Sielaff elaborates, “I can walk into my grandmother’s house and instantly feel the ease of every Sunday lunch I’ve had there since childhood. I can smell damp earth and be taken on countless walks through the Pacific Northwest in a matter of seconds. I hope the scents I create take people on little trips like that!”

Sielaff describes Portland as the perfect place to practice such a small craft, “I can drive 20 minutes outside of

the city and be in a beautiful gorge with waterfalls and endless trees. I’m always amazed at how lush and green everything is. The rain doesn’t bother me at all. It makes me feel like everything is washed and clean.”

But perhaps the most important part of her business are her intentions.

“Portland is also full of such talented people doing what they love. It’s not about making a ton of money it’s about being fulfilled. That’s the most inspiring thing to me, fulfillment.”

You can find out more at the OLO website and her blog.

Special thanks to Work.Place for the photos.


We are giving away sample sets of Heather’s fragrances!

If you’d like to win one, email us a photo of something you’ve created. It can be anything; a bag, a belt, a poster, or even your own fragrances too. We’ll select a winner to send a sample pack.

Email us with your name, age, address, and gender [to know which sample kit to send you] to florenceandmillie [at] gmail [dot] com.

Entries will be accepted through Thursday, May 3.

Music, Food, Fun and YOU!

Dear Friends,

Hello there!  We at Florence & Millie hope you are enjoying your Monday.  We certainly are enjoying ours.  It’s a lovely day here in Savannah and we have exciting news to share: We’re having a party!  With all this hubbub here at Florence & Millie (adding new writers, changing the design of the website, posting more, etc.), we want to celebrate!

We’re having a relaunch party to celebrate all the changes to the blog!  There will be live music provided by The Milk Factory Banditshomemade food made by our lovely staff, artwork (more news about that here) from local artists and more!

We hope you’ll join us!

Love and hugs,

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