Minna May

Minna May is a designer, illustrator, shop owner, and blogger, and we love, love, love her work! She does  hand lettering, watercolor, and even makes hand carved stamps! Her whimsical and organic style is so sweet and lovely and makes us want to doodle on everything. Also, we love all of her inspriational handwritten quotes! Minna May also has a great blog – make sure you check it out as well as her website!






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Wings + Horns


This online retailer is a great find.  Wings + Horns presents refreshingly simple menswear.  Their website’s about section sums up their approach nicely:

Originating between Vancouver and Tokyo, Wings+Horns was founded in 2004.  Inspired to combine Canadian elements with Japanese quality, Wings+Horns has established itself as a lifestyle brand that integrates its classic fits with a utilitarian style.

The clean, well-crafted aesthetic is even represented in their Fall 2012/Winter 2013 Lookbook.

These looks are great, and their entire website is full of on-trend (yet versatile) items.  Be sure to take a look around their site, and enjoy a few more sneak peeks below.


Hats are a classic, debonair way for a man to protect himself from the sun.  A smart-dressed man reaches for a hat on the way out the door as the simple, functional way to complete a look.  Many men say, “I’m not a ‘hat person’.”  This is false.  ‘Hat people’ are merely the people brave enough to wear them.   The key to looking your best in a hat (as with most clothing) is to focus on fit.  Tight-fitting hats shrink the head and can add the illusion of weight; loose-fitting hats can lend the wearer an unfortunate, Oliver Twist appearance.  Also remember that light colors are the only way to go in these warm summer months.  Browse some simple, straw fedoras from Banana Republic, and take cues from the following photos to inspire your own look.

Sean Connery: keeping it classy.

Summer formal

Nick Wooster, owning the straw fedora and the blazer/shorts combo we highlighted 2 weeks ago here.

Straw hat staying on trend with the season’s bright colors. Dapper and Daring.

Another formal look for summer.

Your author, taking a casual approach to the straw fedora at the beach.


Blazin’ Fresh

Men, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a jacket.  Pairing a lightweight blazer with shorts is a tried and true way to say, “I know it’s summer, but I still have style.”

There are a few more benefits to this dynamic wardrobe duo other than looking put together.  First of all, you probably already have all the pieces to the outfit; every man should have a few pairs of shorts and at least one lightweight blazer. Secondly, a jacket is a great way to look fresh in the heat.  If you are going to wear a single layer in the summer, you are going to sweat through it.  A layer on top actually hides embarrassing sweat marks and keeps you looking chipper – even in sweltering heat.

There are a few ways to pull off the blazer/shorts combo:

Nick Wooster keeps it formal with a tie and pocket square.



A v-neck sweater over a patterned shirt lends a preppy, American feel that will make you look like you just stepped out of a Tommy Hilfiger ad into Nantucket.


Alas! Are those cargo shorts? Camo cargo shorts?  Indeed they are.  Don’t be so stuffy!  Try this rough approach to boldly state, “I’m a man AND I care how I dress.”

The Love Shop

Let’s be honest. Monday isn’t everyone’s favorite day of the week. If you are having one of those Monday’s, hopefully these  inspiring and motivating prints from The Love Shop will give you a little boost to the start of your week!


Joy Newell

Happy Wednesday! Today we are sharing some stellar photos by Joy Newell with you.

Enjoy, and be inspired.

Frances Stanfield

Illustrations done by Frances Stanfield are totally rocking our world right now. Although the young illustrator specializes in a variety of areas for her work, it is obvious she is a fashion illustration aficionado. Stanfield’s illustrations are incomparable to any other fashion illustrator we have seen. She has a vastly stylized approach. Stanfield’s pseudo-primitive style is so energizing to view and bring a true uniqueness to the fashion world. Her easy-going lines create perfect contrasting compliments in all of her pieces. The simple outlines on the figures coupled with the gestural and abrupt lines in the figure’s hair and garments are exactly what we are talking about. But of course it doesn’t stop there, as she strategically dabs paint on to complete the figure. We could talk all day about how cool and artful we think Frances Stanfield’s work is, but it’s time to let the work speak for itself and see what we’ve been raving about!

Visit her website here to see her range of illustrations and be sure to follow her blog to stay up to date with her work

Her mock magazine covers that we are yearning for prints of.

Just a few examples of her stellar fashion illustrations.

Is your world now rocked? We hope so! Happy viewing, get inspired!

Sophie Derrick

Ah, nothing beats refreshing creativity! It’s always exciting and inspiring to find current artists who bring a new and innovative technique to their work. Sophie Derrick has done just that. Sophie is a young artist who works with both photography and painting. Heres the catch, she does it all in the same piece! At first glance we think “oh great, thats a beautiful painting.” That’s where we are wrong, well..at least half wrong. Sophie’s unique process begins first with painting the subject, which often times is the human form. From there, she photographs what she has just painted. After printing,  she goes back and adds more paint. And wala! Her timely technique yields to very intriguing pieces that gain even more interest after the process is recognized.

Not only did we find curiosity in her pieces, we found it in the extreme tactile allure that she embodies. With the advancements of technology we start to see less of the hand of the artist. Sophie’s heavy application of paint allows you to admire her personal stroke. Combined with her unusual, yet harmonious color relationships, Sophie’s work is something we are quite fond of.

Explore more of Sophie’s work on her website, here

Here is a short video displaying her artistic process!

Beth Hoeckel

We are admiring the fabulous work of Beth Hoeckel. Beth does collage work, painting, mixed media, as well as photography – ya, she’s kind of awesome. Her retro, colorful pieces are wonderfully crafted and puts us in the creative mood. Check out her amazingly wonderful work and then head on over to her website for some more inspiration!

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