Misato Suzuk

Misato Suzuk is a Japanese artist who currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Both her paintings and illustrations demonstrate delicate, organic lines combined with a neutral color palette.  Although her preferred mediums are two-dimensional, her line work successfully creates shapely, bulbous forms. Subtle accents of ink splotches grace her surfaces, and add to the the soft and muted mood of her abstractions. Suzuk’s tranquil work is fluid and beautiful, making it a pleasure to view. Check out some of our favorites below and visit her website to see the rest of her work.










Frances Russell

Frances Russell is a talented and extremely versatile artist, who is also a dear friend of mine. Like all writers for Florence and Millie, Frances attends the Savannah College of Art and Design. She is currently a junior, majoring in fibers and recently added a minor in printmaking. Her pieces are highly conceptualized, exploring and translating unconventional ideas. Frances’ abstracted works are not only distinctively stimulating and thought-provoking, but are also a visual pleasure.

Frances pays much attention to her mark making and meticulous line work. She is continually producing abundant amounts of work and showing more artistic growth with every piece. Make certain you take note of Frances, because she will surely become a staple in the art world. Visit her website to see additional work  and  follow her blog to read more in depth about her art and process.


Julie Massy

We are really digging illustrations by Julie Massy today. Being an illustrator, Massy creates sharp and intricate line work within her pieces. Her faintly colored illustrations have similar qualities to photogravures, with the extra grain, tainted backgrounds, and washy shades of black. Massy’s work is focused on portraits that  carry graceful, audacious, and whimsy moods. Below are some of our favorite compositions done by Massy. Make sure you check out her website to see more of her work.

Diana Behl

Diana Behl is a mixed media collage artist who resides and teaches in South Dakota. Her work reflects and showcases personal experience through memories, metaphors, and narratives. These themes are illustrated through her combination of delicate lines and blots of saturated colors. Although her work is solely two dimensional, she constructs layers of believable facades of depth and dimension in all of her works. Behl carefully titles her series and pieces, which are just as intriguing and poetic as her artwork. Have the experience of viewing Behl’s figurative prints and stay up to date on her exhibitions by visiting her website here.



Jason Brinkerhoff

We seem to be attracted to and inspired by the primitive and abstracted art lately, and we’ve got another to share. Jason Brinkerhoff is a two-dimensional mixed media artist. His use of unconventional  color combinations is what initially magnetized us to his work. Brinkerhoff fearlessly applies color in a seemingly frantic gesture. His jagged, geometric forms are comparable to the early classics of cubism. Unconfined and scribbled lines grace his figures and create lively energy throughout his work.

To see more of Brinkerhoff’s explorations, visit his blog here

Howard Tangye

Howard Tangye, Austrian-born fashion designer and illustrator has really caught our eyes.  His fashion illustrations provide an interesting and unusual perspective amongst other illustrators. The contorted lines and twisted perspectives of the figures make Tangye’s work reminiscent of Egon Schiele, but with a larger emphasis on fashion.  Despite the extremely thoughtful placement of color, Tangye’s ranging lines and colors seems very intuitive to him.  Tangye’s use of  flowing gestural outlines with sparingly pops of color create dynamic positive and negative forms. His figures convey believable and connecting emotion through their facial expressions and body language, deriving full attention from the viewers.

Be sure to visit his website here to view more of his work.


Liliane Lijn

Liliane Lijn, a London based artist, has been involved and making art since the 1960’s and continues to produce and participate in the art world today. Looking through her body of work is quite inspiring, by having the ability to see her growth and development as an artist.  She has explored a range of materials to use, and continues to experiment with new mediums. Her inspiration is often times derived from science, philosophies from the oriental and western views, and images of mythology. Liliane works in the three-dimensional world, consistently creating sculptures that study line, light and movement. Each piece is highly interactive with the viewer and the space around it. Her most recent works include typography, and recording the transitioning and movement of text. We love how engaging her kinetic pieces are, that seemingly lure and hypnotize us. It’s always intriguing to see how different artists interpret similar elements. Lilian’s implied and actual movement is so crisp and individual. Her works leave a stimulating, lasting memory. If we had to pick a favorite, it would definitely be her series including texts, that whirl and glisten and slowly become in focus.  We’ll provide some videos so her work can be seen in action.

If you’re in the New York area, be sure to check out the MoMA to see her exhibit that opens May 6th and closes August 27th. I’m definitely going to try and make it up to see it!

Visit her website here to learn more about her approaches and see her large body of work.

Frances Stanfield

Illustrations done by Frances Stanfield are totally rocking our world right now. Although the young illustrator specializes in a variety of areas for her work, it is obvious she is a fashion illustration aficionado. Stanfield’s illustrations are incomparable to any other fashion illustrator we have seen. She has a vastly stylized approach. Stanfield’s pseudo-primitive style is so energizing to view and bring a true uniqueness to the fashion world. Her easy-going lines create perfect contrasting compliments in all of her pieces. The simple outlines on the figures coupled with the gestural and abrupt lines in the figure’s hair and garments are exactly what we are talking about. But of course it doesn’t stop there, as she strategically dabs paint on to complete the figure. We could talk all day about how cool and artful we think Frances Stanfield’s work is, but it’s time to let the work speak for itself and see what we’ve been raving about!

Visit her website here to see her range of illustrations and be sure to follow her blog to stay up to date with her work

Her mock magazine covers that we are yearning for prints of.

Just a few examples of her stellar fashion illustrations.

Is your world now rocked? We hope so! Happy viewing, get inspired!

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