Corrie Bond

While searching for some inspiration for future photo shoots, I discovered fashion photographer, Corrie Bond. This UK-based photographer is widely known for her work for Marie Claire, In-Style and New York Times. Her work has an admirable feminine quality, and consistently conveys timeless beauty. Bond strategically manipulates natural light and dewy shadows to delicately graze her subject matter. Through her compositions and editing style, Bond’s photographs whisper a soft, vintage feeling. Her editorials are light, breathtaking and a visual treat. Take a peak at her stunning work below and visit her website to see more work.


7 by corrie bond-stylist kate harrowsmith for marie claire

3 by corrie bond-stylist kate harrowsmith for marie claire




11 by corrie bond-stylist kate harrowsmith for marie claire



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Misato Suzuk

Misato Suzuk is a Japanese artist who currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Both her paintings and illustrations demonstrate delicate, organic lines combined with a neutral color palette.  Although her preferred mediums are two-dimensional, her line work successfully creates shapely, bulbous forms. Subtle accents of ink splotches grace her surfaces, and add to the the soft and muted mood of her abstractions. Suzuk’s tranquil work is fluid and beautiful, making it a pleasure to view. Check out some of our favorites below and visit her website to see the rest of her work.









Anne Sofie Madsen

Anne Sofie Madsen has been coming to existence in the Fashion world just within these last couple years, and it is very clear she has an eminent statement to make. After attending the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Design, and getting training from the renowned John Galliano  and Alexander McQueen, this young designer is well equipped with the tools to take the fashion world by storm. Her rugged, warrior-esque, yet polished aesthetic is already quite apparent in her two collections. Playing with combinations of texture and seaming details, Anne Sofie Madsen creates noteable pieces for a fighter, a strong, confident woman. Check out our favorites from her two look books, and see more of her creative perspective by looking through her website.

Frances Russell

Frances Russell is a talented and extremely versatile artist, who is also a dear friend of mine. Like all writers for Florence and Millie, Frances attends the Savannah College of Art and Design. She is currently a junior, majoring in fibers and recently added a minor in printmaking. Her pieces are highly conceptualized, exploring and translating unconventional ideas. Frances’ abstracted works are not only distinctively stimulating and thought-provoking, but are also a visual pleasure.

Frances pays much attention to her mark making and meticulous line work. She is continually producing abundant amounts of work and showing more artistic growth with every piece. Make certain you take note of Frances, because she will surely become a staple in the art world. Visit her website to see additional work  and  follow her blog to read more in depth about her art and process.


Lois Albinson

Lois Albinson is an emerging knitwear designer from Manchester, and a former student at the Manchester School of Art, with a BA in Textiles. Albinson’s work is unprecedented, and a phenomenal addition to the fashion industry. Her ability to manipulate yarn to create organic, rippled structures in her knits is beyond mind blowing. Through the variety of yarns and knitting techniques, Albinson fabricates delicate, yet rigid, highly textured fashions. Although Albinson heavily employs contrasting elements in her work, she has perfected the balance, resulting in appealing and harmonious designs. Support her extraordinary work by liking her facebook page, and check out her blog to stay up-to-date on her developments!

Alison Worman

We’ve been infatuated with Alison Worman’s work for a while now and today we are finally going to share our secret treasure. Alison Worman is a fibers and book artist that recently graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art. Worman’s pieces communicate ideas of  “human relationships, longing and nurturing” in a youthful and enchanting approach. Her highly stylized work consistently conveys these messages in a pleasantly simplified way. Worman flourishes in creating dynamic energy and interaction between viewers, improving the lack of human relationships through her artwork. Below are some of our absolute favorites, we truly admire her concepts and portrayal of them through her personal aesthetic. Make sure you check out her website to see more of her inspiring work.







Anna Duthie

Anna Duthie is a recent graduate from Glasgow School of Art, with a specialty in fashion embroidery. Although this textile designer is just beginning in the fashion world, we can already tell that she will take fashion textiles to exciting new levels. Duthie’s perspective treasures the art of patterns, with the focus on contrasting textures and colors. In short, muted colors fused with embroidered geometric shapes and blocked lines are definitive of her aesthetic. Duthie’s striking designs are effortlessly cool. The fervent simplicity of her work is admirable and also desirable for clothing. Check out more of her designs on her website and view her senior work below!

Julie Massy

We are really digging illustrations by Julie Massy today. Being an illustrator, Massy creates sharp and intricate line work within her pieces. Her faintly colored illustrations have similar qualities to photogravures, with the extra grain, tainted backgrounds, and washy shades of black. Massy’s work is focused on portraits that  carry graceful, audacious, and whimsy moods. Below are some of our favorite compositions done by Massy. Make sure you check out her website to see more of her work.


Sessun is a French brand founded by fashion designer, Emma Francois. The heavily vintage inspired silhouettes and prints delightfully compliment the small details and mixture of textures, giving the clothing a classical, yet urbanized vibe. Aside from the great cuts and quality this brand has to offer, their look books are to die for. The photography is absolutely phenomenal, an inspiration and totally completes the vision of the brand. The combination of the simplistic styling, brightly colored backgrounds and musty overlay truly bring out and showcase the garments of Sessun. Enjoy a visit to their website here and view their 2012 look book below!

Susan Benarcik

While living in the hustle and bustle of New York City, Susan Benarcik makes her living creating installation art and surface designs. She focuses her art making in on the natural world, resulting in highly tactile work made from a variety of papers. Benarcik’s bulbous forms are created through manipulation of her material, with twisting, wrapping and stacking. She explores the third-dimension, evoking curiosity and interaction of space between her art and viewers. See a preview of her work below, but be sure to visit her website to see more of her creations.

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