Minna May

Minna May is a designer, illustrator, shop owner, and blogger, and we love, love, love her work! She does  hand lettering, watercolor, and even makes hand carved stamps! Her whimsical and organic style is so sweet and lovely and makes us want to doodle on everything. Also, we love all of her inspriational handwritten quotes! Minna May also has a great blog – make sure you check it out as well as her website!






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Yours, Roxanne

Yours, Roxanne is the work of Los Angeles based illustrator and designer Roxanne Daner. We’re totally loving her quirky illustration style and want all of her works on our walls! Take a look at some of our favorite pieces by Roxanne, and be sure to check out her other works on her website!


See Scotty

Scotty Reifsnyder, of See Scotty Design & Illustration, is a visual adventurer. He created this wonderful children’s book that is based on the lyrics of a Johnny Cash song entitled “The Man Who Couldn’t Cry”. Very cool. The book has a die cut that runs throughout adding a dimension of interactivity for the reader. He even made an awesome animation of the book which you can see here.

Click here to see more amazing work by Scotty!

Anne Sofie Madsen

Anne Sofie Madsen has been coming to existence in the Fashion world just within these last couple years, and it is very clear she has an eminent statement to make. After attending the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Design, and getting training from the renowned John Galliano  and Alexander McQueen, this young designer is well equipped with the tools to take the fashion world by storm. Her rugged, warrior-esque, yet polished aesthetic is already quite apparent in her two collections. Playing with combinations of texture and seaming details, Anne Sofie Madsen creates noteable pieces for a fighter, a strong, confident woman. Check out our favorites from her two look books, and see more of her creative perspective by looking through her website.

Lois Albinson

Lois Albinson is an emerging knitwear designer from Manchester, and a former student at the Manchester School of Art, with a BA in Textiles. Albinson’s work is unprecedented, and a phenomenal addition to the fashion industry. Her ability to manipulate yarn to create organic, rippled structures in her knits is beyond mind blowing. Through the variety of yarns and knitting techniques, Albinson fabricates delicate, yet rigid, highly textured fashions. Although Albinson heavily employs contrasting elements in her work, she has perfected the balance, resulting in appealing and harmonious designs. Support her extraordinary work by liking her facebook page, and check out her blog to stay up-to-date on her developments!

Bryan Nash Gill

Bryan Nash Gill is an artist from Connecticut who makes these amazingly beautiful prints from the patterns of trees. Using a relief printing technique, Bryan explores the beauty of the lines and textures of various fallen logs. His use of color and composition is fascinating and his printing technique is quite impressive. Take a look at some of our favorites, and then head to his website to see more of his work!


Happy Monday

Thanks for being awesome and putting a smile on our face Muddybeats. Happy Monday everyone!


Bless & Longchamp

Nothing can beat a collaboration that breeds innovative, distinguished design. BLESS and Longchamp teamed up to create the ultimate handbag. This limited edition french production is the perfect staple to a sleek, modern wardrobe, that has classical roots.  Combining the rich cognac leather with the neutral linen makes this one of the most versatile accessories.  That’s not all when it comes to versatility, this bag folds into itself, making a transformation that can be worn in two separate ways. Cheers for great design and fashion Friday!

Click here to get yours today!

Jamie Nelson

Even though she is just the young age of 26, Jamie Nelson has already managed to hit the fashion photography industry by storm. She has worked for seven different Vogue publications, as well as Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Allure, and many other publications. She has also done commercial campaigns for big name companies such as Target, Disney, and Warner Brothers. Her work is rife with amazing colors, clean lines, and distinct style. We love how amazing she is at such a young age, and hope to see much more work from her in the future.

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