Our Christmas Playlist

Merry Christmas!  We have been enjoying the season immensely with all sorts music and good cheer.  Last year we shared our favorite Christmas tunes and this year we have more to add to the mix!  Our new favorite Christmas songs this holiday season have been from Branches, Beta Radio and Kings Kaleidoscope. Honestly, even the grinchiest Grinch should be able to enjoy this genuinely awesome music. Check out our favorite songs and make sure to download each band’s Christmas EPs to get into the holiday spirit!






Weekend Playlist

It’s the weekend! For many of you, that probably means some much deserved relaxation and down time. For us, it means a mad dash to get our finals done and finally (finally!!!) begin summer.

So please forgive us for not posting as regularly during this last week. You probably wouldn’t want to hear our delirious musings anyway.

While you’re waiting for our next post, enjoy some music we’ve been listening to. Enjoy your weekend, and have a little extra fun for all of us.




Garance Doré

Oh, how we love Garance Doré. She’s so artistic, inspiring and so passionate about fashion. Her fashion illustrations are beautiful and free and her photos are simple and personal. So lovely. Here are some of our favorite illustrations and photos. Enjoy!

Also, for those of you who are still in the Valentines day spirit. This is cute.

Tiffany: What Makes Love True by Garance Doré & The Sartorialist


Harvard Sailing Team

Today being Monday and all, we thought would start the week of with something funny. So, our Monday feature is about a comedy team called The Harvard Sailing Team.  The Harvard Sailing team is in no way associated with Harvard or their sailing team.  Pretty much they’re just a group of comedians making well-produced videos that are a commentary on the culture, and just plain hilarious.

To get us started right, we thought we would share a video near and dear to our heart, a video about Hipsters.  For those of you who don’t know what a Hipster is, get ready for your Hipster education. For those of you who are Hipsters, it’s totally cool that you knew about Harvard Sailing Team while they were still studying the Performing Arts.

And, for good measure, one of their funniest videos by far.

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