Minna May

Minna May is a designer, illustrator, shop owner, and blogger, and we love, love, love her work! She does  hand lettering, watercolor, and even makes hand carved stamps! Her whimsical and organic style is so sweet and lovely and makes us want to doodle on everything. Also, we love all of her inspriational handwritten quotes! Minna May also has a great blog – make sure you check it out as well as her website!






photo 6










Frances Stanfield

Illustrations done by Frances Stanfield are totally rocking our world right now. Although the young illustrator specializes in a variety of areas for her work, it is obvious she is a fashion illustration aficionado. Stanfield’s illustrations are incomparable to any other fashion illustrator we have seen. She has a vastly stylized approach. Stanfield’s pseudo-primitive style is so energizing to view and bring a true uniqueness to the fashion world. Her easy-going lines create perfect contrasting compliments in all of her pieces. The simple outlines on the figures coupled with the gestural and abrupt lines in the figure’s hair and garments are exactly what we are talking about. But of course it doesn’t stop there, as she strategically dabs paint on to complete the figure. We could talk all day about how cool and artful we think Frances Stanfield’s work is, but it’s time to let the work speak for itself and see what we’ve been raving about!

Visit her website here to see her range of illustrations and be sure to follow her blog to stay up to date with her work

Her mock magazine covers that we are yearning for prints of.

Just a few examples of her stellar fashion illustrations.

Is your world now rocked? We hope so! Happy viewing, get inspired!

Part One: Oh My Deer Handmades

So, we’re coming back in full force!  We’ve a got a two-part post split between today and tomorrow. Why ever would we need two posts? Today and tomorrow we’ll be featuring bride and groom of a most wonderfully talented couple.  Today, we’ll start with the most lovely Chelsea Petaja.  Chelsea lives in Nashville, TN with her husband Tec.

Chelsea is an artist with a paint brush and is fabulous at watercolor.  She specializes in typography and blurring the lines between illustration and graphic design.  And, not only is she incredibly talented at designing, picking beautiful color combinations and just being generally crafty: she also runs a blog and Etsy shop where you can follow her beautiful life and buy her work!

Needless to say, we’re impressed and hope you are too!

Check out her blog here.

And her Etsy shop here.



CMYKaren:Karen Kurycki

Karen Kurycki is a talented graphic designer, illustrator and watercolor artist based out of Jacksonville, FL.  Her main talent is making beautiful pieces with water colors.  Her secret talent is making beautiful pieces with water colors and hilarious puns.  Well, I guess it’s not a secret anymore.  Anyhow, we love the beauty and humor of Karen’s work.  She’s got a sharp wit and a talent with a paint brush.  Check out her work at her website, and enjoy the following sampling of her work.


Etsy Shop of the Week: Amber Alexander

Today we’re here to tell you about Amber Alexander!  Amber is an artist from Vermont who specializes in being awesome at art.  I know, right?  Okay, so she’s really good at painting!  More specifically: watercolors!  It’s safe to say she’s hilarious as well.  We love her whimsical representation of animals. She even has Christmas animals. Like the one below!  Make sure you read her comments on each painting, because it makes them all the more hilarious!  Go and check out her work, here.

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