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While searching for some inspiration for future photo shoots, I discovered fashion photographer, Corrie Bond. This UK-based photographer is widely known for her work for Marie Claire, In-Style and New York Times. Her work has an admirable feminine quality, and consistently conveys timeless beauty. Bond strategically manipulates natural light and dewy shadows to delicately graze her subject matter. Through her compositions and editing style, Bond’s photographs whisper a soft, vintage feeling. Her editorials are light, breathtaking and a visual treat. Take a peak at her stunning work below and visit her website to see more work.


7 by corrie bond-stylist kate harrowsmith for marie claire

3 by corrie bond-stylist kate harrowsmith for marie claire




11 by corrie bond-stylist kate harrowsmith for marie claire



Style: "Country_Style"




“Icon: A sign (as a word or graphic symbol) whose form suggests its meaning,” Merriam-Webster.

Few people in history have been bestowed with the title “Style Icon.”  James Dean is one of those people.  As an icon, Dean  is the visual representation of the word rebel.  Photographs of the legendary actor exude his renegade, devil-may-care attitude, and the overwhelming consistency of this image explains his enduring impact today.  Dean has always been in style, but no one would dare call him trendy. Why? Because style like Dean’s transcends trends and does not ask: “Is this in?”  Clothing chosen as an answer to that question will always be a shallow response to a fleeting fashion moment.  A person with enduring style asks themselves: “What do I want to say?”  This proactive question will lead to a consistency in your appearance that becomes your style.

That said, Dean is an icon always worthy of emulation when you want to say: “I’m a rebel.”

Dean in his heydey:

Spanish retailer ZARA looks into fall with a Dean influence.

April’s edition of GQ France even featured an overt reference to the actor with Jon Kortajarena modeling the tough, classic look in an editorial shoot meant to emulate Dean’s style.

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