Corrie Bond

While searching for some inspiration for future photo shoots, I discovered fashion photographer, Corrie Bond. This UK-based photographer is widely known for her work for Marie Claire, In-Style and New York Times. Her work has an admirable feminine quality, and consistently conveys timeless beauty. Bond strategically manipulates natural light and dewy shadows to delicately graze her subject matter. Through her compositions and editing style, Bond’s photographs whisper a soft, vintage feeling. Her editorials are light, breathtaking and a visual treat. Take a peak at her stunning work below and visit her website to see more work.


7 by corrie bond-stylist kate harrowsmith for marie claire

3 by corrie bond-stylist kate harrowsmith for marie claire




11 by corrie bond-stylist kate harrowsmith for marie claire



Style: "Country_Style"



This Modern Romance

Absolutely loving these beautiful photos from This Modern Romance. So elegant and dreamy. I basically spent all day looking through their photos and being inspired…Day well spent.

Clarence White

For us here at Florence and Millie, inspiration often comes from the past. We look back at the work that has been created in the past to inform and inspire exciting new creations. Clarence White created amazing images around the turn-of-the-century.White lived for must of his life in rural Ohio, which led him to largely photograph scenes of quiet rural life. His soft, painterly aesthetic often brings a spiritual essence to his exceptional photographs.

Joy Newell

Happy Wednesday! Today we are sharing some stellar photos by Joy Newell with you.

Enjoy, and be inspired.

Camille Marotte and Matthew Ouaki

Happy Monday, all!  Today is a double post! WOO.  By which I mean, we’re featuring two people today in one post with only one video! It’s like a magic trick (only better).  Today we’re featuring cinematographer/graphic designer/motion media artist Camille Marotte. Camille lives in Paris and he is a director as Tempesta Productions, and pretty nifty with this whole video thing.  He made this video for artist Uddhava (aka Matthew Ouaki).  We really love the simple, soft and beautiful music.  The guitar, and whispery voice is so nice.  Camille did a wonderful job capturing the emotion and beauty of the song.

So, take a listen and enjoy the music of Uddhava and the video skills of Camille Marotte.

You can check out Uddhava’s album here.

And, Camille Marotte’s website here and Vimeo here. from Camille Marotte on Vimeo.

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