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Do yourself a favor and check out Oh Leander. You’ll be happy you did.


1. Casual Scarf in Sea Foam  2. Hello Sunshine Mug  3. Wine & Dine Note Card  4. Color Block Blanket  5. Drifter Mug  6. Le Tote Bag



Etsy Shop of the Week: Amber Alexander

Today we’re here to tell you about Amber Alexander!  Amber is an artist from Vermont who specializes in being awesome at art.  I know, right?  Okay, so she’s really good at painting!  More specifically: watercolors!  It’s safe to say she’s hilarious as well.  We love her whimsical representation of animals. She even has Christmas animals. Like the one below!  Make sure you read her comments on each painting, because it makes them all the more hilarious!  Go and check out her work, here.

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