Misato Suzuk

Misato Suzuk is a Japanese artist who currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Both her paintings and illustrations demonstrate delicate, organic lines combined with a neutral color palette.  Although her preferred mediums are two-dimensional, her line work successfully creates shapely, bulbous forms. Subtle accents of ink splotches grace her surfaces, and add to the the soft and muted mood of her abstractions. Suzuk’s tranquil work is fluid and beautiful, making it a pleasure to view. Check out some of our favorites below and visit her website to see the rest of her work.










A Recurring Theme: The Human Form

For many centuries the human form has been an ever-present theme in the art world. Interpretations and presentations of the body have  continuously evolved throughout time, and still continues today. From forbidden, stylized, realistic, abstracted to conceptualized, we have seen the human body in a variety of diverging styles. Along with differing styles, there is also an abundant range of such mediums as painting, performance, photography and sculpture to name a few. Despite these differences, the body’s elegant lines and softly flowing shapes remain.

With a theme that has such a precedence, one would imagine that it might be difficult to create a personal distinction. However these are a few of our favorites from a variety of artists with an inspiring feeling of individuality to them, while still representing the human form.

Conceptual photo by Gregoire Alexandre

by Sergei Usovic

Sculpture by Emil Alzamora

Sculpture by Emil Azamora

Sculpture by Louise Bourgeois

Photograph by Unknown

Painting by Bruno Surdo

Sculpture by David Oliveira

Photograph by Unknown

Performance by Yves Klein

Sophie Derrick

Ah, nothing beats refreshing creativity! It’s always exciting and inspiring to find current artists who bring a new and innovative technique to their work. Sophie Derrick has done just that. Sophie is a young artist who works with both photography and painting. Heres the catch, she does it all in the same piece! At first glance we think “oh great, thats a beautiful painting.” That’s where we are wrong, well..at least half wrong. Sophie’s unique process begins first with painting the subject, which often times is the human form. From there, she photographs what she has just painted. After printing,  she goes back and adds more paint. And wala! Her timely technique yields to very intriguing pieces that gain even more interest after the process is recognized.

Not only did we find curiosity in her pieces, we found it in the extreme tactile allure that she embodies. With the advancements of technology we start to see less of the hand of the artist. Sophie’s heavy application of paint allows you to admire her personal stroke. Combined with her unusual, yet harmonious color relationships, Sophie’s work is something we are quite fond of.

Explore more of Sophie’s work on her website, here

Here is a short video displaying her artistic process!

Spinach and Grape Smoothie

My roommates are pretty darn creative, and I have them to thank for this Tuesday’s delicious original recipe.  I adapted it from my roommate Kendra’s version and used Alex’s paint palette for the photo background. We’ve all been working a bit too much around here and it was time to break for a healthy, yummy snack. Don’t be off-put by the spinach–I promise it tastes good! Just make sure to blend everything until it’s smooth. What better way to eat your fruit and veggies?


2 cups green grapes

1 cup organic baby spinach

2 cups ice

1 cup plain Greek yogurt

1 tablespoon agave nectar 

splash of milk 

Optional: 2 scoops vanilla ice cream

Whipped cream garnish

Blend together all ingredients until smooth. For a sweeter alternative, add two scoops of ice cream. Keep the Greek yogurt for a healthy protein boost and smooth consistency.

CMYKaren:Karen Kurycki

Karen Kurycki is a talented graphic designer, illustrator and watercolor artist based out of Jacksonville, FL.  Her main talent is making beautiful pieces with water colors.  Her secret talent is making beautiful pieces with water colors and hilarious puns.  Well, I guess it’s not a secret anymore.  Anyhow, we love the beauty and humor of Karen’s work.  She’s got a sharp wit and a talent with a paint brush.  Check out her work at her website, and enjoy the following sampling of her work.


Dan Madsen : Dusty Signs

Dan Madsen of Dusty Signs is a traditional sign painter who’s work we are totally digging right now. His work has such an artistic and authentic style that communicates wonderfully. The fact that he had paints all of his signs just adds points to how awesome he is. Take a look at this rad video of Dan creating one of his signs and then head on here to see more of his work!

Video made by Hunter Johnson
Song: Artie Shaw & Helen Forrest – Deep Purple

Amanda Wachob

We absolutely love Amanda Wachob.  Not only is she an artist, she’s revolutionizing an ancient art form and doing it like a boss.  Amanda is a tattoo artist from Buffalo, NY who currently lives in New York City.

Amanda has taken the art of tattooing to another world entirely.  We are so blown away with the expression and painterly quality of her work.  She is a genius when it comes to tattooing. Her work goes beyond just mimicking painting, but it really brings the art form to a fine art museum quality.  She pushes the idea of a tattoo past the traditional tattoo with the eye of a true artist. Needless to say, we’re overwhelmed by her talent.

So, peruse her work, and head on over to her website to see what else she’s been doing. You’ll be blown away. We guarantee.


Etsy Shop of the Week: Amber Alexander

Today we’re here to tell you about Amber Alexander!  Amber is an artist from Vermont who specializes in being awesome at art.  I know, right?  Okay, so she’s really good at painting!  More specifically: watercolors!  It’s safe to say she’s hilarious as well.  We love her whimsical representation of animals. She even has Christmas animals. Like the one below!  Make sure you read her comments on each painting, because it makes them all the more hilarious!  Go and check out her work, here.

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