Our Christmas Playlist

Merry Christmas!  We have been enjoying the season immensely with all sorts music and good cheer.  Last year we shared our favorite Christmas tunes and this year we have more to add to the mix!  Our new favorite Christmas songs this holiday season have been from Branches, Beta Radio and Kings Kaleidoscope. Honestly, even the grinchiest Grinch should be able to enjoy this genuinely awesome music. Check out our favorite songs and make sure to download each band’s Christmas EPs to get into the holiday spirit!






Vinegar Hill Production House

We have been blown away from Vinegar Hill. Vinegar Hill is David Altrogge, Ian Murphy, Michael Hartnett, Jennifer Thompson, and Shepherd Ahlers.  The combined efforts of this team have created video work that is not only beautiful, but heartwarming.  They have a love for people that is evident in their narrative work, but also in their commercial work.   But back to what I was saying about their work being beautiful: it is spectacular.  They film in a way that makes everything in life seem the best is could possibly be.

If you don’t quite get what I mean, you should watch this commercial for Classic Landscaping, Inc. 

And, after you do that, you should head over to Vinegar Hill’s website and Vimeo channel.

You should also enjoy their demo reel.


Please excuse us while we have a hipster moment: we’ve been listening to fun. since they released their demo “Benson Hedges” in 2008.  Okay, we’re done now.  So, let us tell you about fun.

Fun. is the work of Nate Ruess (formerly of The Format) along with Andrew Dost and Jack Antonoff.  Two months ago fun. released a new album called Some Nights. We’re diggin’ the new tunes and suggest you check out a sampling of our favorite songs.  For those who were fans of The Format, you still have Nate Ruess’ unique voice to keep you happy.  For those who weren’t fans of The Format, we can only assume that’s because you haven’t heard of them.  Go to iTunes (or wherever you kids are buying music these days) and buy their albums. They’re wonderful.

Also, we’re going to describe this genre as Moody Alt. Rock.  Which we totally dig.  Without further ado: fun.


Part Two: Tec Petaja

Told you we would be back! Today is the second half of the lovely artistic duo: Tec Petaja!  Tec is an amazing photographer who we found through the work he has done with OnceWed.  Since we originally found his work, we have been following and loving everything he does.  His work (like his wife’s) has a sense of whimsy.  His photography is a reminder that life is beautiful, love exists and that both happen every day.

Tec has a wonderful way of sneaking in beautiful landscape photography in the midst of his wedding photography.  It’s absolutely breathtaking, and transports you to the location of the wedding. And, not only has Tec photographed some beautiful weddings, his photographs have made the weddings beautiful. Tec’s work is not limited to weddings, but we suggest you skip on over to his blog to see what else he is up to!  Notice that he (like his wife) blurs the lines between two worlds: fine art photography and commercial.

You can visit Tec’s website here (notice the lovely opening logo done by his wife, Chelsea).

And you can visit his blog here.

Now, correct us if we’re wrong, but doesn’t that print look familiar?  It looks like a print by Charlotte Taylor who we featured back in October (view the post here).

Part One: Oh My Deer Handmades

So, we’re coming back in full force!  We’ve a got a two-part post split between today and tomorrow. Why ever would we need two posts? Today and tomorrow we’ll be featuring bride and groom of a most wonderfully talented couple.  Today, we’ll start with the most lovely Chelsea Petaja.  Chelsea lives in Nashville, TN with her husband Tec.

Chelsea is an artist with a paint brush and is fabulous at watercolor.  She specializes in typography and blurring the lines between illustration and graphic design.  And, not only is she incredibly talented at designing, picking beautiful color combinations and just being generally crafty: she also runs a blog and Etsy shop where you can follow her beautiful life and buy her work!

Needless to say, we’re impressed and hope you are too!

Check out her blog here.

And her Etsy shop here.



We’re Back!

Hello, hello! We are oh so excited to be back and posting regularly on Florence & Millie! We’ve been having super awesome meetings and have come up with some super awesome ideas for the blog. A while back, we filmed this video and are so happy to finally be able to share it! We want to say THANK YOU to all of our followers and subscribers and share all the upcoming happenings with Florence and Millie! Take a look! (P.S. Paige has the greatest laugh ever.)

As we said in the video, we are adding new writers to the blog! We’ve already found two amazing and wonderful writers, Kat & William, (last weeks original earl grey ice cream recipe post was written by Kat!), and will hopefully be adding a few more to the team as well. Be sure to check out the About Me section as we add more writers. Florence & Millie will also be getting a little makeover, so get excited for some design changes!

Finally, if you’re in the Savannah area, we are planning on having a relaunch party for the blog! There will be good people, good design, good food, and overall just a good time. Be on the look out for details about the event!

Again, we are so happy to be back, and we hope you enjoy the new changes for Florence and Millie!

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