Corrie Bond

While searching for some inspiration for future photo shoots, I discovered fashion photographer, Corrie Bond. This UK-based photographer is widely known for her work for Marie Claire, In-Style and New York Times. Her work has an admirable feminine quality, and consistently conveys timeless beauty. Bond strategically manipulates natural light and dewy shadows to delicately graze her subject matter. Through her compositions and editing style, Bond’s photographs whisper a soft, vintage feeling. Her editorials are light, breathtaking and a visual treat. Take a peak at her stunning work below and visit her website to see more work.


7 by corrie bond-stylist kate harrowsmith for marie claire

3 by corrie bond-stylist kate harrowsmith for marie claire




11 by corrie bond-stylist kate harrowsmith for marie claire



Style: "Country_Style"



Joy Newell

Happy Wednesday! Today we are sharing some stellar photos by Joy Newell with you.

Enjoy, and be inspired.

Liliane Lijn

Liliane Lijn, a London based artist, has been involved and making art since the 1960’s and continues to produce and participate in the art world today. Looking through her body of work is quite inspiring, by having the ability to see her growth and development as an artist.  She has explored a range of materials to use, and continues to experiment with new mediums. Her inspiration is often times derived from science, philosophies from the oriental and western views, and images of mythology. Liliane works in the three-dimensional world, consistently creating sculptures that study line, light and movement. Each piece is highly interactive with the viewer and the space around it. Her most recent works include typography, and recording the transitioning and movement of text. We love how engaging her kinetic pieces are, that seemingly lure and hypnotize us. It’s always intriguing to see how different artists interpret similar elements. Lilian’s implied and actual movement is so crisp and individual. Her works leave a stimulating, lasting memory. If we had to pick a favorite, it would definitely be her series including texts, that whirl and glisten and slowly become in focus.  We’ll provide some videos so her work can be seen in action.

If you’re in the New York area, be sure to check out the MoMA to see her exhibit that opens May 6th and closes August 27th. I’m definitely going to try and make it up to see it!

Visit her website here to learn more about her approaches and see her large body of work.

Friday Flickr Finds

The Bird Outside my Window by **Meagan

Untitled by Tessa Mayer

Untitled by jessieroth

Week Thirty-One by Elizabeth.Brooke

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