Our Christmas Playlist

Merry Christmas!  We have been enjoying the season immensely with all sorts music and good cheer.  Last year we shared our favorite Christmas tunes and this year we have more to add to the mix!  Our new favorite Christmas songs this holiday season have been from Branches, Beta Radio and Kings Kaleidoscope. Honestly, even the grinchiest Grinch should be able to enjoy this genuinely awesome music. Check out our favorite songs and make sure to download each band’s Christmas EPs to get into the holiday spirit!






Dana Tanamachi

So, we’ll be honest, you might have seen Dana Tanamachi before, but we just love her too much not to share her work.  Dana does some of the most amazing chalk work. Dana is a graphic designer and pretty much the most legitimate chalk letterer, ever.  She’s from Texas (Tay-Hass) but lives in Brooklyn, NY where she’s busy being awesome and making stuff.  She’s been featured by some of the top design magazines and blogs.  She’s had worked commissioned by the all-mighty Google.  So, like we said, awesome.

And yes, she does this stuff in chalk, and yes, it’s all by hand.  Check out one of our favorite pieces and a video of her working on a piece.  It’s so good!

Her website is pretty nifty too.

Dave Barnes – A Very Merry Christmas from Dana Tanamachi on Vimeo.

Our Christmas Playlist

Thanksgiving is over, the decorations are up and it’s time for Christmas!  So, to get you excited about this Christmas, we wanted to share our Christmas playlist with you!  Besides the lovely aromas of hot apple cider and fresh evergreens, music is what gets us in the holiday spirit!  So, cozy up with your sweaters, scarves and your cup of hot cocoa and enjoy the season!

So, we’re going to give you a sampling of our favorite songs! One song from each of our four favorite Christmas albums.  Enjoy, and head out to purchase the music so you can get in the Christmas spirit too!

1. She & Him “The Christmas Waltz”  

The Hotel Cafe Tour, 2. Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson “The Winter Song” 

3. Sufjan Stevens “Joy to the World”  

4. Bing Crosby “Jingle Bells” 

Just Lucky, I Guess

Today we want to take a minute to tell you about letterer and graphic designer Drew Melton.  Drew is currently working out of Grand Rapids, MI.  Drew is only 23, which gives us 20-year-olds hope and a lot of weight to carry.  We’re pretty blown away with Drew’s beautiful use of type and hand-drawn designs. He’s pretty much a wizard when it comes to letters and we’re definitely enchanted.  Check out our favorites, and then head over to his website and feast your eyes on the beautiful work of Drew Melton.



Cook Outside the Box

We cannot tell you how excited we are about today’s post! Cook Outside the Box is an Etsy shop based in Los Angeles, CA that sells all sorts of teas and spices.  Paige (Florence) has a bit of an obsession with Chai tea and was thrilled to find out they have a Chai Spice Kit complete with a recipe for making your own tea!  How neat is that?  Very neat.

They also have various flavored sugars, and “the ultimate dry spice rub kit” which has 20 different spice rubs!  Perfect for a Christmas present? Yeah, it is!

Anyway, they have a lot more than that!  But, if you love to cook, or if you’re all about drinking the best teas around, check out Cook Outside the box here.

Chai Spice Kit

The Ultimate Spice Dry Rub kitGourmet Flavored Sugars

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