Pastels that Pop

Pastel colors are a hot trend in fashion this year but why not make a place for them in your home? Traditionally associated with Easter, these desaturated colors will add a fun and feminine touch to your space. Whether used in a kitchen or bedroom pastels can pop up a clean white space while still keeping it sophisticated. Don’t be afraid to let the colors you love inform the space you live in.

Source your colors from the beautiful everyday objects you love and be inspired to add them in your next interior design project!


A Step in the Journey

We are in love with the blog A Step in the Journey. Created and written by Laura Beth Gunter, this blog focuses on (but is not limited to) DIY projects that turn a house into a home. Sourcing her inspiration from blogs and of course DIY central, Pinterest, Gunter writes about the projects that she does for her own home. Her projects are innovative, creative, and most of all full of a love that true DIYer’s put into their work. Gunter also has an Etsy shop,named after the blog, where she sells sweet and eclectic handmade signs.

Before and after of her framed TV project.

Details of the office in her House to Home project.

A nursery from the post by guest blogger My Cup Runneth Over

A few pieces from her Etsy shop, also titled A Step in the Journey.

To visit her website click here and to check out her adorable works at her etsy shop click here! Enjoy!

Cool Geometrics: A Trend for Interior Design

We are loving 2012’s biggest interior design trend, Bold Geometric Patterns. And who wouldn’t? It is a fun way to add pattern with a modern twist to any space in your home. Although this trend works great with bright saturated colors, paring the strong lines of the pattern with a delicate cool color scheme can create a softer look while maintaing the modern feel. Don’t be afraid to let color and pattern coexist in your home, enjoy!

Pink: A Color for the Kitchen

Pink is the color that we use to make anything instantly girlie and this “color of love” can bring a light playfulness to your kitchen. As one of the most important rooms in the house, let your kitchen be an opportunity to create a space that reflects own personal style.  If you love all things overtly feminine pink is your go to color but in the realm of interior design it is versatile in all its shades. Use it to pop up the your cabinets with a brighter magenta or add a pale salmon to your walls to give them a pick-me-up.

Uncommon Handmade and Dust Furniture

Uncommon Handmade is the product of the collaboration of Vincent and Jessie Leman. Based out of Valparaiso, Indiana this husband and wife team use their separate talents as a mechanical engineer and a graphic designer to create furniture and home accents with a modern but sweet twist.

Along side Uncommon the couple also started Dust Furniture, a company in which Vincent designs whimsical furniture with an intentional purpose. With each piece created in their own studio you know that you are getting a unique work of art!

From Uncommon:

From Dust:

For more on the couple and their companies click here for Uncommon Handmade and here for Dust Furniture! 

Mint: a fresh color for your home

Here at Florence and Millie we love the color mint. And who wouldn’t? Mint is a fun and clean color that is making its way through our hearts, our closets, and most importantly our homes. This soft, cool hue is a throw back to the days of our grandmothers but we are seeing it being used in a fresh contemporary way. The great thing about this color is that it works in any living space. So use it to light up a dark room, as an accent color, or put it on your walls to create a nice balance with your bold colored furniture.


                Be bold, let this color fill your home, and always remember to create a space that reflects the beauties of your life.

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