Oh Leander

Do yourself a favor and check out Oh Leander. You’ll be happy you did.


1. Casual Scarf in Sea Foam  2. Hello Sunshine Mug  3. Wine & Dine Note Card  4. Color Block Blanket  5. Drifter Mug  6. Le Tote Bag



Wish List

1. Scallop to Speed Belt – Modcloth 2. Barkboard Rustic Chalkboard – Olive Manna 3. Anniel Shoes 4. Austin Small Flap Handbag – Fossil 5. Paper Cutting – Contemporary Artists, Timeles Craft – Paris Market

Pastels that Pop

Pastel colors are a hot trend in fashion this year but why not make a place for them in your home? Traditionally associated with Easter, these desaturated colors will add a fun and feminine touch to your space. Whether used in a kitchen or bedroom pastels can pop up a clean white space while still keeping it sophisticated. Don’t be afraid to let the colors you love inform the space you live in.

Source your colors from the beautiful everyday objects you love and be inspired to add them in your next interior design project!

Kinfolk Magazine

Kinfolk, a guide for small gatherings, is a lovely treatise to a simpler way of life. It envelopes you in a world where people still bake cookies from scratch and use paper maps. This printed magazine is filled with beautiful photography and insightful articles focused on the topic of gathering together with both friends and strangers alike. It includes interviews with noted artists, reviews of small shops, recipes for delicious food, and thoughts on getting back to our roots. It also includes the work of two photographers that we have featured on Florence & Millie, Leo Patrone and Tec Petaja! You can watch a beautiful video on their philosophy here. Though it may occasionally get a bit hipster, we absolutely love this magazine.

DIY Face Masks by Huda Beauty

Written by makeup artist Huda Kattan, Huda Beauty is a lifestyle blog that teaches women how to embrace their natural loveliness. Along with tutorials and product reviews Kuttan posts do-it-yourself remedies for skin, hair, and whole body wellness. In a quest to find DIY beauty solutions we decided to try three of her face mask recipes. Using household kitchen essentials, these masks are extremely simple and refreshing.

Acne Miracle Mask – Ground Nutmeg, Milk, Honey

Pore Busting Face Mask – Tomato, Lemon Juice, Honey

Soothing Cucumber Face Mask – Cucumber, Honey


P.S. Take the time to blend the cucumber, it will result is a smoother and creamier mask! Enjoy!

A Step in the Journey

We are in love with the blog A Step in the Journey. Created and written by Laura Beth Gunter, this blog focuses on (but is not limited to) DIY projects that turn a house into a home. Sourcing her inspiration from blogs and of course DIY central, Pinterest, Gunter writes about the projects that she does for her own home. Her projects are innovative, creative, and most of all full of a love that true DIYer’s put into their work. Gunter also has an Etsy shop,named after the blog, where she sells sweet and eclectic handmade signs.

Before and after of her framed TV project.

Details of the office in her House to Home project.

A nursery from the post by guest blogger My Cup Runneth Over

A few pieces from her Etsy shop, also titled A Step in the Journey.

To visit her website click here and to check out her adorable works at her etsy shop click here! Enjoy!

One Love Organics

We are in love with One Love Organics, a natural skin care line created and owned by Suzanne and Chase Leroux and Kendra Inman. This company focuses on products made with wholesome, natural ingredients that give your skin what it needs while giving you the results that you want. All of the items their hand-made beauty line are both ethically and naturally produced. Another great benefit is that some of their products have multiple uses like the Skin Savior, a waterless balm that can be used to cleanse, moisturize, and calm the skin.

Our favorite part about One Love is that their cosmetics are full of what is good for you and leave out all the harsh chemicals that are not. And don’t be fooled by the cute packaging, these products get the job done!

To learn more about One Love Organics click here to view their website and here to  check out their blog!

Twig Terrariums

We love the little worlds created by Twig Terrariums. Based out of Brooklyn, New York this company makes terrariums with a fun and comical twist. Most plants simply add a little of the outdoors to your space but these creations become their own whimsical landscapes. Let their pieces inspire you to  insert a little quirky greenery into your home!

Be sure to check out their website and online shop  to see their little creations!


We would just like to take a minute and thank all of you for being patient with us as we are on this (soon to end) hiatus. If we could write each of you a hand-written thank you card, it would be a Hammerpress thank you card, and it would look mighty fine.


BHLDN décor

The geniuses at URBN INC have expanded their empire. If you’re a fan of Free People, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters or Terrain, I think you’ll be pretty happy with their newest addition, BHLDN.

BHLDN features heirloom and vintage wedding pieces. Among their collection are gowns, shoes, accessories, gifts and décor. For those of you planning a vintage dream wedding, this is the place to go. And even if you’re not planning a wedding, you could still spend a good bit of time just drooling over it all.

Today we’re featuring BHLDN’s décor collection. We’d argue that all of these beautiful pieces don’t have to be just for a wedding, though a wedding is probably the best excuse to drop the cash (unless you’ve just always wanted a $488 dollar cascade chandelier).

You can check out all the glory for yourself here.


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